My Top Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle


I know it's hard to keep our body and mind healthy with all of our busy lives - but it is definitely achievable.These are my top tips for staying healthy all year-round whilst living a busy lifestyle.

Meal Planning...

Don't worry, it won't take you 'ages'.Meal planning is something I do allot every week. After coming back from a long day of work,I don't have time to be wondering about what's in the fridge and what I'm going to eat- meal planning relieves all of that stress so that you know exactly what to eat.I will soon be staring a 'How To' series which includes this topic. Today, I uploaded a video about how I meal plan and an actual overview of what I will be eating this week!

Links to fantastic websites/apps to help with meal planning:

Meal Prepping...

Meal prepping does not have to be full plates of food- you can meal prep elements of your dish, such as making a larger batch of couscous  or pasta for packed lunches or boiling extra frozen vegetables for a couple more days.I tend to make a huge batch of wholewheat couscous, add in some sun-dried tomato paste and I've got couscous for all my lunches for that week!

Move more...

Regular exercise is SO important for a healthy body and mind!
Countless studies show that regular exercise reduces stress and anxiety, risk of dementia etc...
Exercise also makes you happy because it releases endorphins (chemicals in the brain that are the equivalent of natural painkillers!) into your brain.Even if it's just a dancing club, cleaning the house, walking the longer route to work- walking to work, it all benefits your health more than you know!

Eat more nutrients...

You don't have to eat chia seeds or buckwheat salads to get your nutrients in!
You can get all the essential nutrients from fruit, veg, 'normal' nuts and seeds and meat (if you eat it). Here is a basic breakfast will provide you with lots of nutrients and minerals:

Oats for zinc, copper, protein, vitamin B1, magnesium and fibre
Berries for vitamin C ,fibrefolate and potassium 
Orange juice for Vitamin C,Vitamin A, thiamine, folate ,potassium, fiber, proteins, copper, magnesium, flavanoids, hesperidin etc.

Start a few personal projects...

Starting personal projects such as a YouTube channel, a Vlog channel, blog, website ect, can provide you with new skills and generally change our outlook on things.
It can take your mind off of negative thoughts, pressure, stress and anxiety from work, school and just general life!
I definitely recommend that you start at least one personal project in 2018, go on - give it a go!

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