25 Facts About Me


 I thought that I'd share 25 random facts about me!

1. My favourite pancake toppings are grapes, raspberries, maple syrup and golden syrup
2. I used to put Marmite on my pancakes and it tasted good - I know!
3. I hate wearing sunglasses
4. I am Marvel obsessed!
5. I am so excited for Avengers Infinity War!
6. The smell of salt and vinegar crisps makes me gag
7. My favourite TV show, (of all time), is MacGyver! (the reboot!)

8.  I actually don't like eating cake...
9.  I have a YouTube channel - (CupcakeGeekxo-go subscribe!)
10. I love all carbs!
11. I've never had a fried, boiled, poached etc egg and I hate all foods that taste like egg
12. I have a Bullet Journal and I love it!
13. I love a good cuppa with some Stevia-based sweetener and a glug of Almond milk
14. I am still trying to master Calligraphy
15. I love YouTube!
16. Captain America is BAE

17. I've always wanted to go to New York City
18. I cannot stomach any salad leaf apart from lettuce
19. I eat couscous everyday
20. Lucas Till is my favourite actor
21. I don't like iced coffee
22. I've never liked sweets
23. I don't like Starbucks...sorry!
24. I love America
25. My subscribers mean so much to me!

Thank you so much for reading this, (more personal), blog post. Let me know a few facts about you in the comments down below!

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