30 Things to Do In 2018


  1.  Read more!  Try to read more
  2.  Watch a few old movies!
  3.  Travel
  4.  Walk to school or work more!
  5.  Eat Healthily
  6.  Get OBSESSED with some TV series!
  7.  Get Social!
  8.  Start a Blog!
  9.  Start a YouTube Channel!
  10.  Vlog!
  11.  Learn new skills!
  12.  Read more quotes!
  13.  Make more time for your family and friends!
  14.  Make more time for YOURSELF!
  15.  Try new foods
  16.  Go Camping?
  17.  Try out Intuitive eating!
  18.  Go to sleep earlier
  19.  Wake up earlier (blog post coming soon!)
  20.  Be productive
  21.  Think happy thoughts
  22.  Start Bullet journaling (at any point in the year!)
  23.  Explore new fashion sense and styles
  24.  'Re-Vamp' your wardrobe
  25.  'Re-Vamp' your bedroom
  26.  'Remember that its okay to cry sometimes!
  27.   Plan out your day!
  28.   Take pictures!
  29.    Grab a coffee with your best friends every once in a while!
  30.    ENJOY THE YEAR! - 'Create healthy habits, not restrictions.'

Thank you so much for reading!
I love learning new tips, so please leave any of your 'Things to do' in the comments!

'Create healthy habits, not restrictions.'

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