Today I decided to present you with "The Small YouTuber Tag" - but in the form of a blog post!

1.  Is this your first channel?
Yes it is!

2. What is your channel about?
Baking, cooking, lifestyle, academia and my day to day eating habits I guess!

3. What inspired you to start your YouTube channel?
I guess it's more of a who, but I was definitely inspired by other YouTubers such as Natacha Oceane, CupcakeJemma and Just Nana!

4. What does your username mean?
My passion for baking, cooking and leading a healthy lifestyle-among many other things!

5. Where do you see y
With a lot more of you guys watching!

6. Why should people subscribe?
If you are looking for healthy recipes, lifestyle tips and baking bloopers!

7. What are you're favourite 'small' YouTube channels?

(Under 10,000 subscribers)

The Baking Bomb
Just Nana
Just Nana's Life
Cally Brooks
Yum It

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