What I Eat In A Day


Recently on my YouTube channel I've been posting What I eat in a day videos so I thought I'd take you through a day in my style of eating.
I do not usually snack, as my meals fill me up for ages!

Cup of tea

For breakfast-at the weekend, I will usually have: Crumpets with jam and low fat butter, Healthy pancakes with fruit, Healthy granola and hot chocolate with fruit or if I'm in a rush, I'll just pick up a couple of cereal bars and fruit. I would always urge you to eat breakfast -  even if it is not balanced or particularly healthy, as you NEED the fuel to keep going. If you are lacking inspiration, check out this post or Pinterest.

Baked Potato with baked beans, boiled broccoli, peas and sweetcorn

For lunch, I will usually have carbohydrates such as potato, couscous, rice or baked beans along with some boiled vegetables, sweetcorn-and a side salad.

Healthy Chicken stew with mash potato

Dinner is similar to lunch-just without a side salad as I am usually still full from lunch. Some examples of my dinners are: Chicken stew with mashed potato, Mexican-inspired Chicken Fajitas and Vegetarian/Turkey bolognese sauce with wholewheat pasta.

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