I Went Vegan for A Week


So...I've finished my week as a vegan!*
The last five days have shown me just how easy it is to make changes to your diet!
As an extra source of information and support, I did my week with Veganuary, a service that usually helps you through a month of veganism, but the service can be used all year round.
I would definitely recommend that you use a service like Veganuary if you'd like to try this challenge as they send you emails with multiple recipe ideas in both blog post and video form, along with a lovely message!

I really enjoyed this challenge.The change in my diet felt natural and the majority of the time, I didn't even realise that I had made any change at all!
I always felt satisfied after eating.

I was truly surprised by the vast array of  'accidentally vegan' foods that I found in the supermarket.Some of my favourite foods and condiments such as jam, maple syrup and 
pasta are vegan!

I would definitely recommend this challenge to anyone!
It's so easy and forces you to try out new food and delicious recipes.

If you are going to try this challenge, please let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading!

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Websites that helped me!:

I made daily updates on my YouTube channel to show what I ate each day of the challenge:

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