It's April


Today's blog post is going to be about my goals for April, things I'm excited about and things coming up on both my blog and YouTube channel.

Do more Baking

This month I would really like to do more baking. Not just for my YouTube channel, but also because I love it! Baking is great for taking your mind off of things and has been proven to boost confidence, increases creativity, helps you to relieve stress and more!

Be more Productive

Productivity is a choice. This month I would really like to be more productive and get more work done!
Instead of  'binging' on episodes of MacGyver, watching endless Avengers Infinity War trailers
or watching YouTube ALL the time, I'm going to try and get work done when I need to so I can do all of that stuff in my free time, not the other way around!

Blog More
I absolutely love blogging and I definitely intend to do much more of it this month!
You'll be getting around 5 spread-out posts a month from now on so just click that subscribe button on the 'Hello.' homepage to be notified whenever post (no spam-don't worry!).

Be more inventive with my Meals
As a busy person, I always tend to stick to easier, more basic meals.I don't believe that being busy is an excuse for being uninventive with meals, so this month I intend to change this spiral of couscous and baked beans. I want to make more exciting meals like Stir Fries and Healthy Curries!

Avengers Infinity War
AGHHHH I am so excited to see this film. 10 years of the MCU!

I'm wishing you all the best for this month and I hope that you succeed in all of your goals and aspirations!
Be sure to let me know any of your goals for April, for this season or even for this year in the comments down below!

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