Today's blog post is going to be the 'A-Z of me'. These 26 things are my favourite places, Foods, TV shows, Movies, Celebrities and more!

If you try out this tag, please let me know, so that I can have a read!

A is for Avengers.
My favourite actors and my favourite characters. I'm so excited for Avengers Infinity War.

B is for Blogger.
Yes, you may have guessed, I am a Blogger and I definitely recommend blogging as a hobby or a full-time job!

C is for Chris Evans.
Captain America will remain in our hearts forever, no matter what happens in Avengers Infinity War!

D is for Discussion.
I'd rather discuss things than argue!
Arguing wastes time and I HATE wasting time!

E is for Earnest.
I am a very truthful person!

F is for Friends.
I've never had many!

G is for Grapes.
My favourite fruit.

H is for History.
I love learning the about history. Not much else to say really!

I is for Inquisitive.
I love asking questions!

J is for Journal.
I have been Bullet Journaling since February!

K is for Kitchen.
The Kitchen is definitely my Playground!

L is for Lucas Till.
Star of MacGyver! One of the actors that I'd LOVE to meet!

M is for Marvel.
My favourite movie franchise!
Enough said!

N is for New York.
A dream home of mine!

O is for Outspoken.
I love debates and I'm not afraid to share my views, even if some people don't like them!

P is for Pinterest.
I pin like there's no tomorrow!*

Q is for Questions.
I'm such an inquisitive person!

R is for Rome.
A stunning city that I'd really love to explore!

S is for Sweet-easy peelers.
The BEST oranges you'll ever taste!

T is for Tea.
Well I'm British! I love my tea with Almond milk and a little brown sugar!

U is for Unique.
I'm not like anybody else. I don't follow trends and I tell people things how they are!

V is for Vlogging.
I love vlogging my eats, days in my life and trips out!

W is for Writing.
As you can probably tell from my blog, I love writing.
I find it very relaxing and it nourishes my vocabulary.

X is for 'X-cited'.
Not a word, but as you may have already guessed, I am VERY 'X-cited' for Avengers Infinity War!

Y is for YouTuber.
I have a YouTube Channel, CupcakeGeekxo.

Z is for Zzzzz.
I need more sleep!

Thank you for reading!

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