Look, I don't even know what exactly is going on but I'm going to share my opinion on this '#VisaBae' thing.
I DO feel for the girl. Nobody wants to be deported or taken away from their family and friends and their own home country.
I'm not here to 'drag' her, I'm simply just sharing my opinion on this situation.
After taking a scroll though her Instagram feed, I can tell that her pictures do portray her lifestyle to be quite luxurious and desirable to her younger audience.
I don't believe that she has done this intentionally.The real problem is the world that we live in today, not a young woman's Instagram feed.
Social media mainly highlights desirable lifestyles to young,impressionable children, and that is not her fault.
However, I think that you disclose when you have collaborated with or you are being sponsored by a company.

I find it quite worrying that people nowadays only have time to have the 'best' Instagram feed but leave priorities like, getting a Visa sorted out - to the side.

Personally, If I was going to move to a city like London,  I would get a good job and make enough money to live comfortably.
I would not directly ask my followers for money, no matter what situation I found myself in.

Instead of slating the young woman that asked for donations, I'd like to to start a discussion here,  in the comments, about 'Entitled Influencers'. As a 'small' influencer myself, I know how hard it is to be in this industry and establish your own 'brand'.

I would like to remind you that we DO NOT know the full story and we probably never will.

This is simply a case of bad budgeting and misplaced priorities.
 I think that EVERYONE should take this as a learning experience.

'Not everything that glitters is gold'

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