Delicious Strawberry & Banana Smoothie Recipe


This is the ONLY smoothie that you can get me to drink! It's full of fibre, micro nutrients and minerals too! And of course, it's bloody delicious!This smoothie keeps me full for hours and hours which is great for busy bees like myself! Oh, yeah, and it only gives you more than three of your five (or seven) - a-day!😍

Frozen fruit is a great option for smoothies as it's usually cheaper (per 100g), just as fresh - and you don't have to worry about it going off a few days after you've bought it! In the bowl, (in the picture above), there are around 300 - 350 grams of frozen strawberries; I simply removed their tops with a knife, put them onto a plate and popped them into the freezer. If you're a busy bee, you can simply freeze whichever fruits you desire, (using the same method that I used for the strawberries), and pop bagged portions in your freezer for healthy and nutritious smoothies throughout the week!

The frozen fruit adds a thicker texture to the smoothie!


Serves: 1


  • 250-350g of Frozen Strawberries
  • 1/2 of a Frozen Banana
  • Your desired amount of liquid (I used and would recommend orange juice)
  • Natural Sweetener (I used Truvia, a stevia-based sweeter and Agave Nectar)
  • Water, if necessary


  1. Put all of the ingredients in a blender.
  2. BLEND! (adding water if necessary!)
  3. Enjoy!😊

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