5 Things I'm Loving this Autumn


Ah, autumn.The season of procrastination! If you weren't already aware, I'm absolutely loving autumn this year! I thought I'd share some of the things that I've been loving this season. Yes, I'm very late to post this, but Autumn ends on the 21st of December soooo...

Taking a long walk is one of my favourite things to do in autumn.

Autumnal content & Content creation

I suddenly become a huge fan of lifestyle content and even STYLE content in autumn and winter, which couldn't be further from the norm. I've been loving watching people such as I COVET THEE , EMILY ROSESAMANTHA MARIA on YouTube. I also love a lot of people's Instagram feeds this season! 

I've noticed, and you may have noticed that I've been uploading more to YouTube and this blog since Autumn begun. I feel so much more motivated for lifestyle and food related content a the end of the year. It's fantastic and I really want to make the most of autumn/winter 2018 on all of my social media platforms.


If you've watched any of my 'What I Eat' videos over on YouTube, you'll know that I've been slightly obsessed with both couscous and cinnamon (don't worry, not together!). Couscous because it's delicious and can be cooked in less than 15 minutes, and cinnamon because it's warming, really good for you and makes most sweet things taste even better! I also love the array of scrumptious breakfasts that come with Autumn and Winter: bowls of baked oats smothered in cinnamon, warming oatmeal pancakes and more! I also love a caramel latte from Costa! 

Cosy Nights In

Ah, don't we all love a classic 'cosy night in'? There are very few moments that I'm not wearing my soft, snuggly dressing gown and slippers! I love drinking a massive hot chocolate or cup of tea and nibbling on something while catching up on my favourite YouTubers' new uploads!


There's such a joy to be found in baking! I haven't done any for a while and I'm definitely ready to get my bake on in the run up to New Year's eve. Stay tuned for some delicious bakes!

Autumn Walks

I love good walk in autumn. I actually find them quite therapeutic! Crisp air and breeze! What's not to love?

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