A Few Things I Want To Do in 2019


I have a lot of, less 'goals', but 'things I want to do' in 2019. Kinda goals but kinda not, if you know what I mean. Here's a list of those 'things'. I'll probably add to this throughout the year!
  1. Upload one hundred quality YouTube videos
  2. Blog more (I mean it this time!)
  3. Travel to at least three countries 
  4. Use my bullet journal regularly, at least six months of the year
  5. 'Perfect' my chocolate chip cookie recipe
  6. Write more recipe blog posts!
  7. Do a rant/vent blog post
  8. Go to London
  9. Go on the London Underground 
  10. Go to Crumbs & Doilies (and meet Jemma!)
  11. Create a logo
  12. Take as many pictures as possible 
  13. Film a few morning/night routines
  14. Experiment with my meals
  15. Go to a SkinnyDip shop
  16. Get a new phone
  17. Make macarons 
  18. Get Adobe Photoshop or PicMonkey for thumbnail design
  19. Get better at thumbnail design
  20. Create a pin that goes viral

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