Goodbye 2018


As many times as I've asked myself this question this month, (and today), I must again: 'How is it the end of the year?'. Well, I still haven't quite figured out how it's been over twelve months since I uploaded my first YouTube video or published my first blog post but I do want to tell you a bit about my twenty-eighteen...


It's been a pretty awesome year. I've literally learnt so much and experienced so much in so many aspects of my life. YouTube, Blogging, Travel, Food, Bullet Journalling - it well and truly all 'happened', this year and I cannot wait for 2019!


Though not much happened, January was lovely! Many pancakes were consumed, but what's new? February started with a bang! Black Panther, yeah, that happened, (only the second highest grossing film of the year!). I was a very proud Marvel fan when I watched it on the 13th.


My birthday was in March. I was still very new to YouTube and blogging at at this point in time! In April I watched Ready Player One, had my first ever meal at Nando's, went vegan for a week, made what I still believe are the best brownies known to man, saw Avengers: Infinity War and so much more. In June, I tried and reviewed OUMPH! and created a 'Changing My Diet' series as a push to vary my after weeks of eating very similar foods out of convenience.


Vegas, baby! In July I jetted off to Las Vegas, Nevada and I vlogged the entire trip. I loved every moment of it! September was also lovely!


I'm surprised at how quickly Autumn passed by! You probably know how much I love autumn by this point! In October and November especially, I began to spend more time working on my blog. In November I got a MacBook Pro! I think it's the best thing that I own, after my phone of course. I've been loving spending more time editing my YouTube videos with this laptop.  I also went to Germany in early December. I was awaiting the Avengers 4 trailer for majority of these months, not going to lie...

WINTER, again...

Winter officially began on the 21st of December, so it's only been here for five days! I've loved it though! I've been enjoying spending my nights editing videos and or writing blog posts while drinking massive cups of tea and nibbling on a jam and butter topped bagel.

Hello 2019.

So that's been my year, (summarised to the max). I'm SO excited for 2019! So much has been going on behind the scenes of CupcakeGeekxo and I cannot wait to share it all with you guys in time! Thank you for supporting myself and my blog this year and making my amazing year even better!

Here's to a fabulous 2019!

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