Hello, 2019.


Oh, Hello 2019!

I've already expressed my excitement for the new year. So much is already planned and in the works, not only in my personal life, but also for CupcakeGeekxo. Today I'm going to go through a few of my goals for this year.

Say 'YES' to more things

In 2018 I said 'yes' to quite a lot of new things, but I'd like to do this more in 2019. Saying 'yes' more invites new experiences and opportunities that may result in finding new friends and learning important life lessons.

Expand my blog following

'It's hard to grow on social media'. Now, that statement is very true, but the fact that it's hard to grow a following on  social media does not mean that you should carry on working on your platforms in the way that you do or have always done. Use your analytics. Read your comments. Ask your followers what they like or don't like. That's the best way to grow a following on social media, particularly on YouTube and as a Blogger. It's very easy to blame it on the algorithm, (YES, the algorithms can be horrible!), but if you're being honest with yourself, if I'm being honest with myself, there are tons of strategic changes that we could all make to expand our social media followings whether that's purchasing a new blog design, changing up your thumbnails or investing in higher quality filming equipment/editing software.

'Quality over quantity'

'#QualityContent' is a concept that I really want to run with in 2019. The basic principle is to ensure that all of your content, no matter where it's posted, is of high quality. Not necessarily 1080p kind of quality, but: well edited videos and photos, informative thumbnails, interesting blog posts etc. Really taking time on that project, even if that means changing your upload schedule or editing technique. My goal, as a content creator, is not only to create content but to create content that I would love and be interested in myself. It's something that I've been thinking a lot about recently.

More Lifestyle!

There will be a lot more lifestyle content here on my blog as It's what I love to read and write myself. That's quarterly and current favourites, reviews, chats, rambles and lots more!

So those are few of my many goals for 2019! Feel free to leave some of yours in the comment section down below!

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