Is your channel declining in views and audience engagement? I've had to deal with the algorithm's annoying tendencies many times before on my channel... BUT I've been able to get my channel 'favoured' by the algorithm and see a shocking increase in views and audience engagement by using these tips. These tips will get your 'dead' channel back up to scratch in no time!

Remember, these tips have worked for me multiple times but I am not going to lie and guarantee that they will work for you. It might take a week, it might take a month, but I have confidence in them! As a YouTuber, the best thing that you can do to get your channel out of a dying state is to yes, analyse your channel, but also your content. This means looking at closely at every aspect of it. Your channel banner, thumbnails, the editing of your videos, lighting, analytics, description boxes, about page etc. Taking a closer look at your channel and content will help you to identify the aspects of it that you need to change in order to get it back to normal.

CHANNEL BANNER (Is it informative or indicate the theme of your channel? Is it aesthetically pleasing?)

  • Your channel banner is the first thing that viewers, (and potential subscribers 😉), see.
  • Make sure that it's pleasing to the eye and reflects the general theme of your channel.

  • This doesn't mean that it has to be incredibly informative. People don't ALWAYS want to see loads of text so you can keep it simple and just use a nice, quality background and overlay your channel's name or your logo.
  • I would recommend using Canva for channel banners, thumbnails, Pinterest graphics etc. It's a fantastic, free design tool that you can create gorgeous graphics with.


  • Thumbnails! Thumbnails, along with titles are what get people to click on your videos.
  • Think about it. You watch YouTube, right? So if you're searching and scrolling for say, a 'What I Eat in a Day' video, what makes you click on one? Is it because it's informative, aesthetically pleasing, or is the text easy to read?
  • All of these things should be taken into account when creating thumbnails. A great tip is to search for the type of video that you're creating the thumbnail for and look at how the top videos' thumbnails look. See how you can change your thumbnails to get as high as possible on YouTube search because NOBODY is going to scroll through four pages to find your video.

  • Titles are also very important. Just like thumbnails, titles make people click on your videos. Try to use keywords in your titles. For example, if I was posting a grocery haul, I would first make sure that 'grocery haul' was in the title, and then expand on it (see the example below).

  • You can also search the type of video that you are going to post on YouTube and see what words and titles have gained the most views (but don't just copy them!).

NOTE: Of course, never compromise on your individuality OR clickbait, (which may lose your subscribers' trust or respect for you), but try to look to what other creators, (that are doing well), for both thumbnail and title inspiration.


  • All of your content should be quality content, even if this means uploading less frequently. As a content creator, my aim is yes, to create content, but also to create content that I would love as a viewer.
  • However, this isn't meant to say that 'it's fine' to upload a video once or twice a month because the main way to get your channel out of a dying state is to post regularly. I would recommend posting one to two videos per week, minimum. Nothing will change unless you put your back into it!


  • Using keywords at the top of your description box will get your video ranking higher on the YouTube search.
  • You could easily copy and paste the title of your video at the top of your description box or write a short description of what the video is about, focused around that keyword (see the examples below).


  • Playlists showcase your best videos that come under a specific title. 
  • When viewers visit your channel they'll see plenty of content under a title or genre that they might love and this will encourage them to watch and maybe subscribe!
  • I would recommend displaying 4-5 playlists on your channel homepage.
  • An example of a title for a playlist would be 'Lifestyle'.
  • It always helps to add a little description to tell the viewer what the videos in that playlist are about.


  • HOLD UP! When I say this, I DO NOT mean that you should be commenting  'sub for sub' or 'mind checking out my channel?' because it's literally the most annoying thing that YouTubers have to deal with!
  • Commenting, in general, will encourage people that think your comment is relatable or funny to visit your channel, and if your channel is 'looking good', potentially subscribe!
  • I also believe that commenting on your videos encourages your viewers to engage more. Maybe they'll give the video a like or subscribe because you asked them to in your comment.
  • Also, remember to 'pin' your comments on your videos!

So those are my top tips for getting your YouTube channel out of a 'dying' state! I've been there before and I'm sure I'll have to use these tips towards the future of mine! Please remember that it's a process and that it won't take a day! 




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