Food/Lifestyle Instagram Pages You Should Be Following Right Now!


You may already know that I'm a massive foodie, and if you didn't - now you do! I am so excited to share some of my current favourite foodstagrams with you all! Let's go!


@healthymoodsf is a foodstagram that I've loved for a while now. Lyana's pictures are always edited so beautifully and the filters she uses really extenuate the hues of the original picture (I'm not a pro - editor by any means, so I don't actually know if I explained that correctly - BUT ANYWAY). Moving on to the actual food - it always looks delicious! My favourite types of posts from Lyana are her oatmeal and yogurt bowls, pancakes (💁🏽) and pictures of some really cool street food. @healthymoodsf is never a page shy of solid healthy meal inspiration!


@itstaylermarie, like every account on this list, is home to a whole host of beautifully edited pictures. Tayler's page is a lifestyle and food (but mainly food) page. Something I love about foodstagrams like Tayler's is the fun and sometimes hilarious captions. My favourites posts from this account are the pancakes, waffles and FIG NEWTONS (go check out the page and you'll get the reference)!


@servingupsimplicity is such an aesthetically pleasing Instagram page. All of its posts are clean and pretty, yet still somewhat rustic and not too 'perfect' - if you know what I mean? The food looks like yours would at home, but a bit cleaner - just for the gram'. The oatmeal bowl posts something else!

@walderwellness is a gorgeous foodstagram run by MS and RDN (Registered Dietitian), Carrie Walder. The account is about all things health, food and wellness. A stand out feature of the account Carries's unique style of editing. It really enhances the grains and colour in and of the food. I can always find fantastic healthy meal inspiration on this page.


@daisybeet is a newly found favourite foodstagram of mine. Alex, the owner of the account, is an MS and RDN. You can expect a whole lot of food and a few drops of lifestyle every now and then. Her page is never shy of incredible baking inspiration.


@_emilysworld is another great foodstagram run by university student Emily Solman. I've loved this account for a while and found it looking for 'What I Eat in a Day' posts on Instagram. Emily writes funny, upbeat and informative captions which is always a plus.

@goodhealthgoodvibes is a great food and lifestyle based account. The pictures are never overly edited and this really compliments the food. I love that the page feels very relaxed and not staged in order to make the food and its surroundings look perfect - which is really refreshing.

And that's a wrap! Those are a few of my current favourite food Instagram pages. Please check out the seven listed and let me know if you already follow any (and if you'd like a part two) in the comment section below!

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