I started getting into podcasts in the last half of twenty - eighteen and I'm so glad I did! I find that they're great for killing time or learning something new. Today I thought I'd share a few of my favourites.

'The Health Code' podcast is my current favourite. It's a 'fun, informative and unfiltered' podcast run by health and fitness YouTuber, Sarah Stevenson (@sarahs_day) and professional photographer, Personal Trainer, content creator - and Sarah's boyfriend, Kurt Tilse (@kjtilse). Together they 'crack the code' on all things health, fitness, lifestyle, relationships and building a dream career. It has a very chill vibe but it's still informative - which I really enjoy. It's the kind of podcast you can listen to anywhere/whilst doing anything (walking to work/school, on a flight, tidying up etc.). My favourite episode so far would have to be 'Discussing All Things: Cravings, Cheat Meals, Alcohol and Life Updates'. I'd recommend!

At Home With...' is a podcast hosted by the two UK based vloggers, Lily Pebbles (@lilypebbles) and Anna Newton (@theannaedit).  They visit the homes of public figures, these ranging from beauty bloggers to Founders and CEOs of brands such as Liz Earle, Oskia Skincare and By Terry and have a cup of tea and a good chat about how they got to where they are in their industry or niche. A few of my favourites so far have been 'At Home With...' Madeleine Shaw, Patricia Bright and Erica Davies. I love that chatty and friendly vibes! It's a great podcast to listen to while being 'extra productive' if you know what I mean! Again, I would strongly recommend this podcast!

'Talking Tastebuds' is a podcast hosted by TV presenter and online creator, Venetia Falconer. 'Talking Tastebuds is a weekly interview series in which Venetia chats to a special guest about their life with food. I haven't listened to many episodes yet - but I'm loving them! My favourites so far would have to be the episodes with Ella Mills, (aka Deliciously Ella), and Naiomi Smart. I love the quick-fire 'this or that' questions that Venetia asks at the end of each episode. 'Talking or Tastebuds?' gets me every time! It's refreshing to have more of an insight into the life, career and eating habits of, (usually UK based), public figures.

So those are my current favourite podcasts. If you can relate - let me know in the comment section below! As always, have a lovely day!

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