If you're a frequent watcher of YouTube, you most likely will have heard of Tasty, a recipe distributing channel owned by BuzzFeed. There's also a good chance that you've seen their 'Best/perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies' recipe floating around the site. I, like most people, am very fond of good chocolate chip cookie and thought that it was only right of me to test this recipe out.

I recently posted a review of the recipe on my YouTube channel titled CupcakeGeekxo. You can watch it below!

The recipe was very easy to follow and at no point was I worried about the look of the dough, cooking time etc. Like the majority of cookie recipes, you probably already have all of the ingredients needed in your kitchen.

My only criticism with the recipe is the cooking time. Fifteen minutes may be too long on 180 degrees (356 Fahrenheit) as after cooling, the edges of some of the cookies hardened making them, (them being the edges of the cookies), unpleasant to eat - but the recipe instructs to bake them for twelve to fifteen minutes and there's always the chance that I actually cooked them for longer without realising!­čśé

These chocolate chip cookies are definitely the best I'VE made so far. They were soft, chewy and of course - delicious! They were all gone within two days. I would recommend trying this recipe.

That's my finished review of Tasty's 'Best Chocolate Chip Cookies' recipe. If there are any other popular/Tasty recipes that you'd like me to try over on my YouTube channel or here on the blog - leave me a comment below!


  1. omg these look so good! ­čśŹ

    1. Hi Alicial! Thank you so much! They were so good. Definitely make them if you're thinking about it! Love your blog too by the way! Have a fantastic weekend!­čśś