Have you found that your blog has been slacking or is in of a need of a makeover? Worry no more! Here are 7 useful websites and tools that ALL bloggers should be using right now!


I would call Pinterest the single best site for bloggers of all niches. Why? Because, when used correctly, it can bring TREMENDOUS traffic to your website or blog. It's also fantastic for blogging inspiration and it's analytics system allows you to see just how many people, types of people etc are noticing and interacting with your pin! As a YouTuber, dealing with the minefield that is the YouTube algorithm, Pinterest's is a breath of fresh air because it's really easy for your hard work to get noticed!


Ivory Mix is one of my favourite places to find free, high quality and of course, beautiful - styled-stock photos. If like me, you're a blogger that doesn't find taking and editing high quality styled flatlays easy, you'll be relieved to know that Ivory Mix offers a plethora of them with no strings attached! I've been using them for a few weeks now and my pins and SEO (search engine optimisation) have definitely reeked the benefits. There are multiple styled-stock photo bundles that you can purchase on the site.


Grammarly is a great spell and grammar checker. I used to publish blog posts without even checking spellings but now I know that if your spelling and grammar is in check, people are much more likely to take you, your blog and your message seriously. Grammarly quickly identifies spelling and grammatical errors that you and most other spell checkers just wouldn't notice! Also, IT'S FREE!


CoSchedule Headline Analyzer analyzes your headline (😉), identifying things like the word balance of your title (balance of common, uncommon, emotional and power words), tells you whether your headline is too long or short, gives you an idea of how to display your title's text on a pin to get the most attention possible, tells you what keywords to hammer home on and the overall sentiment of the title. It's a solid tool - and it's free!


Am I right in thinking that most of you will know of Etsy already? It's where I got my beautiful, bangin' blog design!😂 It's a great website to find beautiful blog designs/templates,  styled stock photos, png images and fonts. I've never had an issue with any Etsy purchase of mine, but just like Amazon or eBay, be sure to check the seller's profile, reviews of their product quality and customer service!


Creative Market is THE place to go for all things graphic design! It's home to affordable styled stock photos, png images, font bundles and much more.


I had to mention YouTube. It's my favourite platform by far! Starting a YouTube channel will not only gain your blog traffic and loyal readers but will also create a fantastic community of lovely and often like-minded people! I would never quit YouTube. It's provided me with a platform on which I share the content that I love to create AND led me to connect with some truly awesome people!

I hope that this blog post has inspired you to make a few changes for the better in how you run your blog! Let me know if it has AND if you would like to see a part two because trust me - I could go on!

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