Ever wondered how those oh so stunning, gorgeous, viral pins are made? Wonder no more! Today I'll be showing you EXACTLY how to make stunning Pinterest graphics.

Step 1: Create a Canva account

Obviously, if we're gonna make some stunning pins on Canva, we're gonna need a Canva account! So go register, it takes less than a minute. You can sign up with Facebook, Google or just your email. 

Now log in!

Step 2: Identify the graphic's purpose and then choose a template 

Once you log in, you'll be met by a page that says 'Create a design'. This is where you'll choose the type of graphic that you want to create. 

Canva is (FREE! and...) great for all things graphic design and not just pin making. You can make Facebook posts, Instagram posts, YouTube Thumbnails, YouTube channel arts etc.

I mainly use Canva for:

  • Pinterest Graphics
  • YouTube thumbnails 
  • Blog Graphics

I used to simply select 'Pinterest graphic' when designing one, but I now use custom dimensions (which are still 100% free, by the way!). I use 720px by 1100px for a normal-sized pin and 720px by 1150-1200px for a slightly longer pin.

Step 3: Drag and drop elements to design your pin

Next up, you will see a blank Pinterest graphic template. Much like this:

On the left-hand side of your screen, you will see a dark grey menu with several options. Here's where the fun starts! Next to that, you have a plethora of fantastic templates. Some of these are free and some have to be paid for, but either way, there's a great spread.

I prefer to make my own pins from scratch but you can definitely make some awesome pins with these templates. I always start off by heading to the 'Uploads' section. There I can *upload any of my own photographs, stock photos, png's etc that I plan to use in my pin. 

* I usually use BeFunky Photo Editor to blur my own photos/stock photos before uploading them to Canva.

Secondly, I'll either choose a 'grid' and drag in my background photo, simply drag in my background photo and enlarge or minimise it OR instead of having a photo, just keep or change the colour of the white background. I may edit the background's transparency, add a filter to it, crop it, flip it etc. 

Next, I will begin to overlay text. I choose a maximum of 2, (three if I'm REALLY pushing it!), well-pairing fonts. I like pairing 'League Spartan' and 'Playlist Script'. The combo of 'Bebas Neue' and 'Playlist Script' is also great!

Here's a quick recap of what to include your pin:

  • An eye-catching, emotive and easy-to-read title
  • A call to action or product mock-up (if you're selling something)
  • A maximum of 3 complimentary colours
  • A maximum of two well-pairing fonts

If you're looking for the Perfect VIRAL Pin Making Formula, read my 'HOW TO FORCE YOUR PINS TO GO VIRAL!' blog post!

Step 4: Play around with colours and fonts until you're happy with your pin

This one of my favourite parts of pin designing! As aforementioned, I like to use varying fonts (2 fonts) and maintain a limited colour scheme (2-3 colours) within a pin.

I think consistency with the look of your pins IS important - but I never stress about it too much!

I always recommend creating two or three versions of your pin so that you can test which ones the algorithm loves and doesn't love. You also might just find a jem that you'd like to post more than the other one or two.

Once you're done designing, all that's left to do is give your pin(s) a name and download them. Then you can either upload them to Pinterest straight away or schedule for them to go up at a later date.

I hope you found this post useful and are ready to get started creating stunning Pinterest graphics on Canva! Remember, these tips don't only apply to use of Canva, so they can be taken into account when using any software that is suitable for pin design. Let me know if you found this post useful in the comment section below!

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