I'm so excited to share this scrumptious recipe with you! It's my take on Chilli Con Carne and I must say it's pretty darn delicious! It's not too spicy (great for kids!), packed full of protein and fibre, takes under an hour to make, and is cheap as chips!

'Best Ever' Chilli Con Carne


Serves: 3-4

You Will Need

350g-400g 10% Fat Beef Mince
1 Packet of any Chilli Con Carne seasoning mix (I used Schwartz's)
1 400g tin of Red Kidney Beans, rinsed
300g-400g of Pinto Beans (or any other beans of your choice)
1 Red Onion, chopped
1 Yellow Pepper, chopped
2 400g tins of Chopped Tomatoes
300ml-400ml Water 
A few pinches of salt (to taste)
Low-calorie oil spray (e.g. Frylight) or 1/2 tbsp of Oil 


Heat a large pot on a medium heat.
Cook the chopped onions and peppers in the oil spray or oil until soft.
Next, add in the beef mince and cook until it is brown.
Now add in both tins of chopped tomatoes, all of the beans, the full packet of Chilli Con Carne seasoning mix and water.
Stir well.
Leave the Chilli to simmer for 20-30 minutes on a low to medium heat, mixing regularly to prevent vegetables and beef from burning at the bottom of the pan.
Once finished, serve up the Chilli with rice, ladle it into wraps, taco shells etc or enjoy it plain!

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