If you're a frequent watcher of YouTube, you most likely will have heard Tasty,  a recipe distributing channel owned by BuzzFeed. There is also a good chance that you've seen their 'The Best Fudgy Brownies' recipe floating around the site. I, like most people am very fond of a good fudgy chocolate brownie and thought that it was only right of me to test this recipe out! I didn't copy this intro from my last Tasty review or anything! 😉

I recently posted a review of the recipe on my YouTube channel titled CupcakeGeekxo. You can watch it below!

The recipe was SO easy to follow and I wasn't worried about meaurements (thanks for changing them to metric measurements Tasty! 😂), the batter, cooking time etc at any point. If you're a frequent baker, you'll pleased to know you'll most likely have all of the ingredients for the brownies in your kitchen already!

My only criticism of the recipe is that the brownies are very messy (which is not necessarily a bad thing) and hard to pick up as a whole. I would have no criticism of this IF that was how the brownies looked in Tasty's video. In Tasty's video, the brownies were shown to very easy to pick up and slice. I loved how the brownies turned out, but as I followed the recipe to the letter - it's a criticism! 😂

Just like I said in my review of Tasty's 'Best Cookie Chip Cookie' recipe, these Brownies are THE BEST brownies that I've ever made! They were so ooey-gooey, fudgy and of course - delicious! Just how I like my brownies! I would DEFINITELY recommend this recipe!

That's my finished review of Tasty's 'Best Fudgy Brownies' recipe. If there are any other popular/Tasty recipes that you'd like me to try over on my YouTube channel or here on the blog, let me know in the comment section below!

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